Awakening With Jake Guy

10388105_10152409638230020_4736939680548159337_n2Jake is a good friend of mine who will be writing articles and such for Insightful Enlightenment. He has shared so much knowledge with myself and many people around the world. I’ve made a cozy little spot on here for him to share his knowledge and insight.10511265_10152513072605020_6622668702787613009_n

I admire Jake for his passion and drive to help others on their beautiful but sometimes confusing journey here. Jake does some really inspiring talks and in the near future, I will be doing talks with Jake. Yay!

He is an entrepreneur, a talented hip hop artist and a beautiful soul sharing his light.

To learn more about Jake, check out his website:

Below are some of Jake’s talks. Stay tuned for more from Jake 🙂

Seairra and Jake’s Talk About Conscious Community

The Ego Self

Act In The Now


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