What Expansion Classes Are And Why I Started Them

600_400306752 Expansion classes are basically self-education. Some could even call it un-schooling. I decided to call them “expansion classes” because what I am doing has no relation to schooling at all so I didn’t want to associate them with that paradigm. Schooling is programming among other things and I believe that real education is expansive and so much more than what “school” is or could ever be in its current state.

I’ve been teaching for most of my life but never really in a classroom setting. All the things I’ve learned that really aided me in my journey here didn’t really originate from attending public education. I graduated from high school but to be honest, I don’t remember much of what I was taught. I remember some things but 80 % of it has just disappeared from my memory. I believe that this is because 80 % of what I was taught I didn’t truly need. From what I can observe and from the research I’ve done regarding the origins of public education, all it is really for is an indoctrination program to teach you how to get a job, pay your taxes and be a part of the broken system that enslaves and oppresses people while it ultimately destroys the Earth and catalyzes the extinction of animals.

The School System Is Horribly Flawed

Since I was younger, I have always had a love for learning. My most favourite place to go was the library. The idea of being able to check out any book I wanted for free was exciting. When I was growing up, using the internet wasn’t a big thing. It was definitely not available the way it is today. My only option to feed my hunger for knowledge was reading. And oh did I read! I studied history a lot because I found it fascinating. Researching this lead me to understand a lot about what is happening in our world and how the freedom that people believe they have in my country is an illusion. I studied journalism and one of the things I learned was if you want to find out who’s really in control or what’s really going on; follow the paper trail which is basically following the money trail. This led me to all kinds of realizations. Combined with my knowledge of history, I was able to see one definite problem: our public education system. This system teaches you the basics so that you can work and what many of you don’t know is that you are actually working for the elite. The poor are making the rich richer. What many people don’t understand is that the system was created by the elite for that very purpose long before many of us were even born. I will be sharing my sources on this so don’t think I’m just spreading rumours here. This is something I know quite a bit about and is the very reason I started offering expansion classes on a global level.

One thing that I was conflicted about was sending my son to school is learning of school’s origins and what it’s being used for. My son was struggling with it and for those who are aware of the shift in consciousness know that the kids are extremely advanced right now. They have an awareness that many of us didn’t have growing up. My son has this awareness and he began to question school long before I ever did. I’m writing a separate article about my son’s experience with school that will be published through Collective Evolution in the near future so I’m not going to go to deep into what happened with him. His experience though is what prompted me to pull him out of school and start giving him expansion classes. Most would call it homeschooling, I think it’s closer to un-schooling but I only ever it call it that so that people know what I’m talking about. The term, “expansion classes” aren’t in people’s awareness or understanding yet. Myself and many others are now essentially trying to change the current paradigm that we’ve been living in regarding education. Public education I feel doesn’t truly have the essence of real education that can benefit a society and I hope by what I am doing, this will be one of many solutions to the problem. I find the saddest thing will all of this is that the teachers who work in public education so badly wish to teach but are so restricted with their teaching. I talked to my son’s teacher a lot and he expressed this to me. As he said, “my hands are tied.” My hope for the future is that all the education will have it’s true place and that all the people of the world who love to teach, have the freedom to do so without government mandated restrictions.

In the next series of posts, I will be showing how to find information and how to educate yourself or anyone you know for a life changing expansion of awareness. This can be people close to you, your kids or you can incorporate it into your teachings if you are already a teacher of sorts. Because of the internet, you can learn anything you want for free. Because of the awakening and shift of consciousness, you can also learn how to attract real life mentors and physical situations where you the have the opportunity to learn, grow, evolve and apply your knowledge in real life settings. All this is taught in expansion classes and has been some of my greatest life’s work. I believe that if we can all be educated, we can start finding solutions to the real problems in our world. Because let’s face it, there is some serious shit happening that we must address now before we hit the point of no return. The state of the world isn’t just important because I live in it but more so because my son has to live in it, and my future grand-babies. The kids of tomorrow deserve the adults of today to do something now before it’s too late. Expansion classes are one way I am being the change I wish to see in this world. To have some expansion today, and start your new journey of discovery, both inner and outer, check out the ‘Expansion Classes’ section of the Insightful Enlightenment website.


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