Like Martin, I Have A Dream…

I just watched Selma and I can’t help but feel moved. I’ve studied Martin Luther King’s journey for many years. I’ve taught my son about his strength and dedication and how sheer determination even from one voice can change the world.

I look back and see the struggle and hustle people have had to make equality reachable for all. The right for equality has made great strides in recent years. Whether through LGBT rights or holding our own government accountable for the genocide they pushed on the first nation’s people.

People have cried out for countless years that equality was an issue that needed to be addressed. Like Martin, I had a dream… a dream that it was no longer seen as an issue but a human right as a citizen not of any one nation but of this Earth, that all people are treated equally and fairly. I dreamed every time I saw someone being left out for the way they looked or MLK1heard a racist or prejudice remark in the name of a joke. My own son has seen prejudice for the heritage that he carries. I have seen some with the same roots completely ashamed of themselves because of the prejudice and sheer racism that has been placed at their feet.

Like Martin, I have been to the mountain top. I saw with unbiased eyes the complete injustices that people have faced not just because of the color of their skin but by how much money they had in the bank or whether or not they had a home or slept in the street. Like Martin, many times I have been a voice for the voiceless for all those who suffer in poverty and are demonized for their struggle. I have stood against the tyrants in power trying to bring equality. I have laid my own struggles in the public eye to not only show those that are in despair that they are not alone but to show the world that I am not afraid of being judged by those who have nothing better to do with their time than to speak ill of others while so many fight and die for a better world.

I dearly love Martin Luther King. I think of him often, even before I watched Selma. He has inspired me in so many ways. Although I have similarities like him, I could never be on par with someone who has changed the world like he has. Not yet anyways. But I still dream… I still use my voice… I still defend everyone’s earth livin right to fair, equal and respectful treatment. Not just for the humans either, but the animals too!! For four years now, I haven’t had any meat in my own silent protest for the fair and equal treatment of those beautiful sentient beings. My fight has spilled over for the fair and equal treatment of our environment for without its longevity and sustainability… all will be lost.

The year is 2015. 2015!! We have seen many accomplishments since the days Martin marched in the streets. Accomplishments I know he’s proud and grateful for. We still have a long road ahead but I feel with these accomplishments both small and large, we are that much closer to a better world. Change starts with you and like another great man said, be the change you wish to see in this world. After this life is over for me, I know I can look back with awe and pride knowing that I did just that, every single time the opportunity was presented to me. I hope each and every one of you can look back and do the same.


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