Jake Guy – The Awakening Series (Intro)

Hey everyone,

baby jakeIt is a privilege for me to have this chance to share my knowledge and experience with you in the 32 years that I have been alive in this physical reality. I would like to begin by sharing a bit about myself then I will go more into the first lesson and content that is in that video.

I was born into a loving family and my parents were very connected with nature. They taught me to respect all forms of life and that nature is sacred. Now when I see animals and plants I look upon them as my friends and fellow souls on the same journey as me towards enlightenment.

Because I was showered with so much love as a baby it gave me the strong roots and connection needed to become the teacher that I have become today. I know feel completely content in life and never go about with something missing or feeling like I should of had this or that as a kid.

I was blessed to grow up on Denman Island which is a small supportive community of open minded individuals and friends. Everyone I know from there is loving and good natured.

It is important to know where the teacher is coming from in order to grasp what he is trying to convey to you as well as what type of person they are in order to fully understand the information that they are sharing.

As a teenager, I became very lost trying to fit in with everyone in high school. I got into drugs and alcohol very young and quickly became a heavy user. Though I was loved by my family I had to learn these life lessons the hard way and no one could tell me otherwise.

At this time in my life I had no grasp of the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you wish done to yourself. I thought that I could do whatever I like and that there was no consequence.. I quickly realized that this was very untrue.

After getting in sooo much trouble with the law, kicked out of school and hanging out with some really bad kids, I finally got to such a low place that I began to pray. I didn’t want to suffer anymore and I felt like life was actively against me in every way which it probably was because of my own actions.

jake guyMy prayers were heard and the result was a series of synchronistic events that led me to the the answer I was searching for. There are many more details to all this to my story but for the case of this article I am keeping them short. Later I will be sharing them all in my full length book/biography: “The Golden Age Within.”

The important thing is just to form a picture in your head of who I am and what I went through in order to understand things the way I do. The path that the universe guided me to is called Sant Mat or Shabd Yoga (meditation on the inner light and sound).

Once I began on this spiritual journey my life changed dramatically in every aspect. Ever since the very first day of my initiation into the practice, I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and it brought me back to my original childlike sense of wonder that I had when I was still a baby.

The meditation is a cleansing experience and this is why it helped me so much because I had many layers of thick darkness upon my mind that needed to be cleaned. It was so amazing how the meditation truly worked and I would feel tears come up of gratitude and blessings.

This incredible spirtual journey through Shabd Yoga began in 2007. I had been trying a few other meditation practices and reading a lot of books for a few years before that but nothing came close to what I found once I became an initiate.

I had a yearning for truth and I didn’t want to settle with whatever was convenient or easily available. I wanted what would show me the true nature of spirit so that I could then share this with others in my music and poetry.

Since positive hip-hop was what seriously helped me as a depressed teen, I wanted to do the same for other people and give my life to find the ultimate truth. I had never expected all the blessings that came in the process upon me and those who know me.

Now I can say I have found truth and now 8 years later I am sharing these lessons with you along with other teachings, and my own meditations, I have come to some conclusions in my life I feel others should know.

smoky mirrorI think that ultimate truth does exist in this reality and the next and I don’t believe that is relative to each individual. After many years of research I now understand that karma is the one ruling factor for all beings and we all have to go through the accounts we acquire in life regardless to our background or anything else.

As we learn and evolve as souls our frequency rises up to new levels and we become more closer to source which is the ultimate goal and what Buddha calles liberation.

One analogy I once heard was that this concept can be looked upon like an octopus with many arms all leading back to the head at the top. We can take as long as we like to go back, it is completely our own choice and if we are happy here on this earth then we can reincarnate as many times as we choose.

But if we begin to feel like it is time to go back and we don’t want to experience any more sufferings then we should look for a more serious discipline that will speed up our journey. This is exactly what Shabd Yoga is and with the grace of the master much is made easier for the disciple who just needs to follow the guidelines and meditate daily.

I eventually decided to go on a 6 month retreat to Oregon where I made some serious headway on my own path and this was the beginning to my own spiritual awakening. This completely changed me in every way and I came back with nothing but love for everyone.

Later I ended up moving to Victoria and running the satsang (meditation group) for over two years or so. I kept on my daily practice to this day the best I can and still have just as much faith as when I first started 8 years ago.

jake's booksThis path wasn’t the only thing that brought me to where I am now though, there is much more to my journey towards awakening. One major contributor was all the cool books I read on subjects like: the law of attraction, subconscious mind, self-help, time management, visualization and more. This along with many other interactions with people, going to College for philosophy and eastern religion, and years of research, has all combined to bring me to the mindset and awakened consciousness I now have.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story so far and click below for the next lesson

-Jake Guy.

You can now read the first awakening lesson (foundation): here



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