Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 1 (Foundation)


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5 thoughts on “Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 1 (Foundation)

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  2. You did cover a lot in this lesson but wow it all ties together very nicely and really helped me get into a better vision of higher power and its place in a journey of self discovery. I’d suggest possibly doing a recap with some visuals. And just for the sake of it, please summarize what you are trying to say in one sentence. And its great you described what you do and a few options but if its not too much maybe create an exhaustive list of ways to connect to spirit? Just to inspire people who maybe have trouble with the idea. Also possibly a literary challenge to go with it? Almost like different levels of involvement (kind of like yoga)
    You really got the right idea here and I found it very inspiring and comprehensive πŸ™‚ thank you for all the effort and thought you put into and your beautiful heart and intentions Jake!! πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ’– you truly have a heart of gold

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    • Thanks Alison, It is all a learning process for me and I appreciate your honest feedback. I will take note of what you suggested and try to meet your suggestion in further courses. So glad to hear that it helped you to connect to get a clearer vision of higher power! This is my main purpose of this series and I see now it is all coming to life πŸ™‚

      The list ways to connect to spirit hmmm…

      1. Meditate (The spirit resides within the human body/holy temple and this is where we need to go to connect.)
      2. Prayer (This is like a form of meditation and it is direct communication to spirit by humbling your ego and opening your self to the creator.)
      3. Being creative in Art, Music or Poetry (We can open this to spirit and let him/her be the real one creating through us.)
      4. SEVA or Selfless Service (This is the act of helping another without any expectations or needs on your part. This really helps us lower our ego and work for the greater good which is being part of the divine plan.)
      5. Remembrance (We can do things to make us constantly remember spirit all through the day like putting up notes, writing in our journal, or anything else. The mind will do what it can to wonder other places into illusion so we must bring it back with any means we can.)
      6. Being in nature (When we go out in nature and quiet our minds then we are truly one with spirit and we can feel the life force all around us in everything.)

      There are more ways but I hope these are enough for you for now.

      As for the literary task, I would suggest writing in your journal or on your smart phone every day way to remember spirit within yourself and others around you. Think if you could have handled situation with more compassion and did you truly listen when (spirit) spoke to you through another person? By constantly keeping track of our actions and thoughts we can slowly weed out all the negative ones and become a more clean vessel for spirit to bless us in life. Most important of all is calming the mind. The more we make an effort to create stillness then we will become one with spirit naturally and live through an intuitive state of awareness and love.

      Thanks for all your input and support Alison πŸ™‚ You are a beautiful soul and a blessing to so many around you. Also thanks for being one of my biggest fans in music over the years as well. Namaste


  3. There is SO MUCH going on here. For me, it’s hard to compartmentalize whats going on so I can really process this information. I would suggest breaking this down a little bit clearer, same information just better organized. Obviously, there is so much to cover and its hard to get through it all. Perhaps start with the easiest concepts first, working into the more complicated ones.
    You also speak a lot about connecting to your spirit. My question is how do you know you are truly ‘connected’. When I first started meditation it was very hard for me to tell and took a long time for me to understand my mind. Any tips or steps for people to truly calm their mind and connect to their own energy?
    Lastly, your video seems a lot more like a conversation than an informative video. Which could be a pro or a con. For me, it would be a pro if you just added a bit of structure to it and kept reminding me of the overall theme.
    Maybe you cover it later but the same question comes to mind when reading this. What can I do to my material surrounding to unlock the mental? Whats poisonous in my surrounds? Whats not? Is it all institution?

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  4. Thanks Joss, I will take that into consideration for my next course coming out in a few months called: Dream Building 101 (Your step by step walk-through on how to turn dreams into reality).

    The way you can know that you are truly connected is withing your heart my friend. God and love are synonymous and if you fall in love with spirit then that love will amplify and return back to you 100X stronger. You can also get messages sent into your mind from above. If it seems like some sort of direction from your higher self then this is most likely your own unique direction to spirit. Another way is through intuition, they say this is the wisdom of the soul so this innate feeling of what to do in life is also your direct connection to source. Then we can further develop this through daily remembrance, faith and meditation like you said you have tried.

    Yes meditation is very hard in the beginning because the mind has been directing your course of action your whole life and doesn’t want to sit quietly. It is just like riding a bike Joss, it takes consistent practice over months or years until you begin to grow in awareness and innate spiritual wisdom which starts to shine through you. It is not something you can experience quickly. The teachers in my path say it is all about surrendering to the divine then sitting humbly and waiting inside. Spirit knows what you are up to and may bless you at any time while you are sitting in devotion.

    I am sure you know that everything worth value takes a long time and much effort to achieve since you went through a lot to make it to a professional level in basketball. This same determination and daily practice is what is also needed to obtain a strong connection to spirit and live every day in that higher love vibration.

    A few tips to calm the mind is a simple meditation practice to begin like focusing on the breath. Don’t try anything to fancy just focus on the warm air into the nostrils and then the cool air out. If your mind starts to wonder then bring it back to the breath and continue practicing this until you can keep your attention on the breath for 10-15 minutes. If you can do this then that is an excellent achievement and you will most likely start to feel some inner bliss come up from within. This is the natural vibration within each of us that is only held back by the constant chaos of the mind. Once we learn to callllllllm the thoughts then we can start to live in the natural high and good vibe every day.

    There is a really good back I read when I first started meditating called “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. It is an amazing story and he has some cool open eye meditations you can practice as well to develop your single pointed attention and focus skills.

    “What can I do to my material surrounding to unlock the mental?”

    Answer: You need to keep things clean and positive in nature. Nice pictures, plants and other zen like things can help calm the mind and keep it in a healthy state. Maybe a small Buddha statue or picture of someone meditating by a waterfall in your room. All these things will remind you of the spiritual reality within and keep the mind tuned in the right direction.

    Whats poisonous in my surrounds? Whats not?

    Answer: Poisonous things are those which feed the carnal desires (lowest chakra). Violence, sex, anger, hate, and things which seek to destroy the calm blissful serenity of the mind. Too much flashy entertainment, money orientated shows, music or environments which take you into the material reality instead of the spiritual one. Also too many WiFi signals such as your cell phone and modems always on in your environment are not healthy for keeping a calm blissful inner state. There are many studies now you can read up on the harmful effects of emf radiation. Personally I have a cable for my internet and only turn my cell phone on a few times a day so not to destroy my peaceful energy field.

    “Is it all institution?

    Answer: There is much of this in the school systems yes. You can read more about this on this blog at the top under a tab called un-schooling. The host of this site: Nikkie has done an excellent job in explaining the real history and negative nature behind the public schooling system. Since I went through it all my-self I can verify that there is a lot of brainwashing going on to useless belief systems of negativity and materialism. You have to understand Joss, that a lot of people are completely indoctrinated by this false system of though and it is very difficult for them to accept things like ayurvedic wisdom, naturolpathy or yoga.

    Since you keep an open mind and are trying things like meditation out for yourself; you are on a good path and I would suggest to keep learning and developing yourself in all ways. Never put any kind of limitations on yourself or your dreams and remember spirit is your best friend and there to help your in your life. Simply calm your thoughts and he is present within.

    Thanks again for the feedback. Bless


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