Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 1 (Foundation)

 Hello friends,

Now that you know a bit about me and my own path so far, I will get more into our awakening series.

The video below speaks about building your inner connection, this is the first and most important lesson that I will be sharing with you.

It is imperative to first find your connection to spirit before anything else, and then you can go safely into the world knowing you have a guide. If you do not take the time out of your day to day to do this then the negativity can be dangerous and lead you to sufferings.

10747844_1379887918969928_1021990945_nEverything that we go through on this planet is for our own ultimate good as souls in order to evolve, and if we are experiencing many difficulties it is most likely due to straying from spirit.

To build this connection is the meaning of life and for this I will share a quote with you from Yogananda:

Before embarking on important undertakings, sit quietly, calm your senses and thoughts, and meditate deeply. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit.

Spirit is our friend and companion in life, and we need to first clean out any negative assumptions of a judgemental god that we may have from previous years. The true spirit is one of unconditional love and forgiveness to all souls; our father/mother above that wants nothing more than for our upliftment and spiritual progress.

Let us look upon the creator as our best friend, mother, father, and everything competent to help us in all ways. Regardless to whatever sins or regrets you may have, simply ask for forgiveness and it shall be given as long as you understand the action was wrong and you will do your best not to keep doing it.

Let us look at spiritually as a science of energy and vibration instead of the dogma and bias that so many do from religion or other false beliefs. Anything that divides you from your brothers and sisters in spirit or makes you judge another is not truth and is only misleading you into the wrong mindset.

Now in order to build this connection within we must learn to sit quietly and still our thoughts. They say that, “the only thing between you and God is your own thoughts,” so we must practice sitting until they become quite. Once we get to this point then we will feel great bliss and love come from our own soul which is our true nature.

Many of us go about looking for happiness in material things when really the true source of all joy is within. This is kept hidden from most of us though by the powers that be who do not want us to awaken to our full capabilities because this means that they lose power over us as.

10533249_559564810820232_955475322_nAs you can probably tell by now my beliefs and teachings are very universal and I don’t say that one path is right and all others are wrong. I was blessed to be born with an open mind and I know that judging anyone never helps anything. My teacher actually explains that every negative thought has a price we must pay for later once we pass over and so I always do my best to never listen when my mind has any.

Did you notice I said listen to my mind? lol, This is a key lesson as well to all this that is essential in growing spiritually. You are spirit! And your mind is only a sort of companion who was assigned this life with you when you came to this earth. This means you can train it, discipline it and not even listen to it sometimes if what it comes up with has no benefit to you.

I will be talking more about the mind and ego during the next lesson in our series towards awakening. For now I am focusing on the power source within all living things. This is a vibrational energy field which is constantly creating, sustaining and destroying. In Hindu mythology these powers are known as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It is not the appearance or name that is important as much as the tasks that each of these powers have in our physical dimension.

So this is how I have come to know God; as more than one power. Reality is infinitely complex and we have no clue on how things are run in this realm and the others beyond. To do all this I believe there are many different powers, deities and other beings such as angels or spirit guides.

Though we can look at all these as separate forces, they are still one and all is working together for one grand divine plan. Then comes the negative aspects of reality and how do they all fit in with everything else? Well, I don’t know all the answers but I have learned a lot in my life so far and the conclusion I have come to is that one cannot perceive the light without darkness to see it.

We live in a dualistic reality and there is perfect balance to both sides in every aspect you can imagine. This means that if there is the most loving and compassionate being of light out there then there must also be something very dark and ominous to match this on the other side of the spectrum. The masters tell us that this is only in the three lower spiritual realms though, once you make it beyond the 3rd realm (Super Causal) then you are free from duality and become one with spirit forever.

found here: https://santmatradhasoami.wordpress.comThere are many spiritual realms all connected to the others and working like mirrors that reflect from the higher realm down to the one below it. I will share a picture with you guys to further illustrate what I am talking about and you can judge for yourself whether this seems like the truth or not.

So the key lesson here is building that connection to spirit and this can be done in many ways. On my path they tell us to keep a mantra in thought that helps us come back to the memory of god. We also are taught to read scripture and meditate daily to keep this connection alive and strong.

For you it may be something different like going for a walk in nature or painting by yourself while you listen to music. Each and every one of us is unique in our spiritual path and are all evolving at different levels as well. This means even a small child could come into this world more advanced then someone who is old and bitter.

It is not material gain that is the purpose of life here on earth and it is funny that this is what is taught in school and College; success being measured by how much money you make in your career. The truth is money has no value to our spiritual development and if it becomes more important to us than our connection to spirit then it actually becomes a burden on our path.

So friends I have covered much in this first lesson in a series of many and once you grasp this foundation to reality then you can go safely into the deeper subjects without being overcome by fear or confusion.

Nothing can be understood without spirit in the equation and if you try to figure things out with the intellect alone, you will just end up in endless webs of more confusion.

So meditate, meditate, meditate.. And do everything possible to build your connection to spirit.

Remember you are never alone and your eternal friend is always there to help you if you ask.

Stay tuned for my next lesson where I will be going more into the mind and ego.

Jake Guy


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