Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 2 (Mind & Ego)

Hey friends,
I apologize for a bit of delay since my last post: I was caught up with some hip-hop shows that were taking all my time energy. Now that they are over I am back to work on this series again.

Our next lesson is another important one and it has to do with the mind and ego. This may not be your favourite topic ever but it is one that needs to be covered if you want to live a peaceful life free from the sufferings of negative karma.
I say negative karma because this is the result you get when your mind automatically judges another without any real reason because of the way it has developed from things such as the media and materialism.
I know this personally because my mind did exactly this; every person that didn’t fit the so called “Cool” image I had formulated in my mind from television and other media, got my automatic judgement on how they looked. Then several years later I learned how everything in this reality is tied to our karmas which affect this life and our future incarnations in an endless wheel of rebirth. Thoughts are action and my Guru teaches that all negative action has a negative price attached to it, so to go around judging everyone mentally is collecting a debt of negative karmas that will eventually have to be paid.

Sorry to say that good karmas do not cancel out negative ones either.. So what you should do more than anything is STOP your mind from thinking any more from this day forward. With a little practice you can train your mind to be ONLY positive and it will be a very healthy choice indeed. I know this because after many years of meditation and inner awareness on my own thoughts I was able to completely restructure my mind to become only positive (once in a while it may slip) but then I bring it back to my soul centre which is based on unconditional love for all beings.

11267600_1449173562044042_91768194_nThe mind can be related to a landscape in certain ways. Let’s say you constantly bombard it with violence, sexual imagery, chaotic music, material desires, anger, jealousy and hate; then it will be like a filthy junk yard with flies and bad odours coming out of piles of garbage scattered all over the place. On the other hand let’s say you only let in harmonious music, imagery of flowers and sunsets, the beauty of life and nature around you, thoughts of loving others, children and family, spirit and compassion; this then will make your mind like a beautiful garden with small birds singing and golden beams of sun shining upon the landscape, green grass as far as you can see and the smell of sweet fragrances in the air.

Now if we are fixed with only one mind for the rest of our lives, then we should take a little time out to cultivate a space that is inviting and we are happy to be with even in complete silence for long periods of time (often people with chaotic minds cannot sit still in silence at all). There are many people out there which may seem completely normal when you speak to them but if you could hear their thoughts then you would think they belong in a nut house lol! This is why many in the business field and marketing might have a lot of trouble sleeping at night because the mind never shuts off.. It just keeps chit chatting with itself constantly in an endless wheel of confusion.

A nice analogy I once heard is that the mind is like a giant machine in a factory running full board 24/7. In order for it to keep running at full capacity and not wearing out it must stop sometimes and become silent while someone does maintenance on it; this is the same with the mind.

I will share another nice analogy with you guys that this wise friend once told me after he got back from a long intensive meditation retreat in solitude. I remember we were at this big dinner in Oregon and he called me over to talk to him about something important. I wasn’t sure what it might be about at first then he said to me in a friendly tone “I want to share with you an important lesson about the mind. It is like a small child; you must discipline it but at the same time love it with all your heart. Understand that it will make mistakes sometimes and that is ok just make sure to tell it so it knows and keep directing it back on course. With enough guidance and equal support it can learn to be a very helpful friend in life but on the other hand if you don’t discipline it at all and let it go wild then it becomes like a spoiled child that is very chaotic and hard to deal with.”

This was a very awesome lesson he had taught me and I remembered it always for the rest of my life because I used to be in a constant battle with my own mind and at times I even hated it which I now know was not helpful to do. Since we are stuck with our mind for the rest of our life, our only choice is to become one with it and teach it how to work in unison with our true self as soul. One of the teachers on my path (Sant Mat) once explained that, “It is not the mind that is essentially bad but more the ego which has made it polluted.” This is where we also need to learn and understand about the ego and how it plays a role in everything as well.

11419127_894750117238105_1399102170_nOne of our main causes for suffering comes from forgetting spirit and caring only about one’s self aka the ego. The truth being that the ego is an illusionary concept created in the mind and really it doesn’t even exist. All that exists is ONE and nothing is separated; this is the same conclusion that Jesus came to when he went for his retreat into the desert. This path is the way to enlightenment and spiritual evolution; once you come to the understanding that all is one and that includes YOU!

To learn more on the ego please check out Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth.  I found a link so you can DL the pdf file Here

I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson and stay tuned for #3: Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind



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