Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 2 (Mind & Ego)


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-Jake Guy


One thought on “Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 2 (Mind & Ego)

  1. I love the way that this is written. By far the most enjoyable post thus far and brings me a sense of hope. I am reminded as I am reading this about how AWESOME life can be. the simplest things of nature. Or even of man’s creation, there is beauty in the simplicity of a 90-degree angle on a building as well as the complexity and natural beauty of a spiral staircase.

    This also reminds me of how nature waves appear in the financial markets, how we always have a natural rebalancing if a stock or market is overextended, It must always be balanced at the end.

    I also think its interesting that if we all did come from one energy. Then why were we all create with this natural inclination of ego and selfishness?

    Just thoughts.

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