Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 4 (Veil of Deception)


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2 thoughts on “Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 4 (Veil of Deception)

  1. Comments on the video – Going with your original concept on the video and staying consistent I found personally to be an issue. Although there is nothing wrong or bad about it. I find it hard to follow at points because of how ‘choppy’ the content is and how much prior knowledge is inferred.

    It’s all very dark, finding a way to see the light is maybe the biggest challenge in reading this.

    ‘The Grand Delusion” I get everything you are saying here, however, It might be good to touch on the motives behind it. What are the benefits for the ‘powers that be’ to have 7 billion people in habitual predictable patterns and spending habits? Why is a curious mind a bad one? how do our systems play into this? Why is it that people with different contextual upbringings see things differently?

    You start to sound a bit like Yoda, and I like it. I always call for more explanation but I like the fact you are not going in-depth constantly

    Suggestion: Expand on the cycle of life from the Buddhist teachings. How does Karma work and why is it important and a complete polar to all of the negativity you speak of here?

    Why can’t we reach a utopia? What is holding us back and is the answer rooted in the issue?

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  2. Sorry if the video wasn’t as clear and on point as it could of been Joss. This lesson was put together a few years back and I have honed my skills quiet a lot since then. Everyone has to start somewhere and through feedback like this I can continue to grow and meet peoples needs better each day.

    From what I have researched the motives behind the service to self elite are mostly power and greed. They already have all the money they need to the next thing they want is power and control over everyone.

    Thanks for the compliments haha, never been related to Yoda before. “Do or do not. There is no Try.”

    “The life cycle is a wheel of reincarnation. “According to the Vedas, there are 8.4 million species of life and the conditioned soul is continuously passing through the different species according to his karma, under divine supervision.

    We are not these bodies but individual spirit souls occupying our respective bodies. I am occupying my body and you are occupying your body, just as you are residing in your house and I am residing in my house. This does not mean that I am the house. I am different from my house. Similarly I am not the body but I am the spirit soul, who is residing within the body. When the body becomes old, I (the spirit soul) have to leave the body just as I have to leave my house, when it is destroyed, to occupy a new one.

    The new house that I will occupy will depend on the bank balance that I possess – if I have huge amount of money I can buy a palace or conversely, if I have limited resources, I may have to contend with a lowly hut. Similarly, the body that we will get after giving up the present body will depend upon our stock of past karma (activities). If we have a stock of sinful activities we will have to assume an animal’s body or even lower forms whereas if we have a stock of pious activities we may get a human or a super-human body (demigod’s body). When the house is destroyed, it does not mean its residents are also dead; they leave the old house and occupy a new house.” -Niraj Bidawatka

    More on this here: https://harekrishnarevolution.wordpress.com/2011/07/02/8-4-million-species-of-life/

    Also more from the Buddhist perspective here: http://www.quietmountain.org/dharmacenters/buddhadendo/wheel_of_life.htm

    No one knows the future yet Joss, we may reach a Utopia some day. It has been written about in sacred scriptures as The Golden Age. It all has to come from within though, we need to become more aware of our true nature as consciousness and move away from the egocentric identity most people are trapped in. We need to awaken to the truth that we are all one family in spirit and have a purpose to help each other evolve.

    Thanks for your feedback


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