Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 4 (The Grand Delusion)

Hey friends,

I would like to begin by thank you for following along on my journey so far. I have been blessed to be able to share so much knowledge about many important topics with everyone and this is just the beginning! In the future Nikkie and I might actually teach some lessons together in a collaborative style of sharing.

For now this series will be going on for 9 parts then I will take a short break and come back again later.

yingyang_duality1The topic of this lesson covers something on the opposite side to the spectrum than I usually share. But since we are in a dualistic reality, I must cover both the dark and light parts of life. My thoughts on negativity are that it is important to know about it and be aware of the dangers but also not to lose yourself in it.

Because I have a strong spiritual connection within and meditate daily I can dive into the darkness pretty far and still be ok the next day after I meditate.

But if you don’t have a daily practice then I would be very cautious with delving into the darkness too far because like becomes like. If you feed your mind too much of the negative then it will become saturated in it and the effect will be harmful to you in both body and mind.

Now there are many forms of delusion in this complex reality, and in the video above I go over quite a few. I know that it is longer than the other ones in the past but I feel that the people who really want to learn the truth will stick through it in order to hear the rest of what I have to say.

As a younger man I was very lost and completely absorbed in negativity. My parents were very loving and supportive but I took on this false persona to try and seem tough so that I would not be picked on as much. This negative persona then became my personality. I knew only how to drink, get into fights and cause trouble everywhere I went.

I am sharing this information about my past with you to illustrate how in the beginning I could not see the grand delusion for what it was because I was completely lost in it like the people in the movie The Matrix who would fight to protect the grand illusion that they are so completely emerged in.

It wasn’t until I had gone through so much suffering and pain that I began to pray for help to the spirit and I wanted to never suffer in any way again. My prayers were surely heard and within a few months’ time the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS showed me the way out and led me to the path of Shabd Yoga.

Once I was initiated into the practice and began to devote myself daily; I began to see the illusion of reality all around me. I noticed how much deception there is in the media, the subliminal advertising, a lot of the food, and a lot of mainstream music/radio.

But this was just the beginning of my research on the truth. After I saw things for what they really where, I began to dig deeper and do a lot of studying online to see what is going on in the world and what are the true intentions of the ones in control.

The universe led me to many different articles and videos that started to show me certain similarities that began to add up and give me a concrete foundation to some important subjects. Some of the biggest sources were head government officials, whistle blowers and highly educated individuals who came forth to share the truth with the public.

secret doctrineThese brave individuals came forth to share the truth about UFO’s, underground bases, brainwashing, illuminati, freemasons and many other secrets from behind the veil. As I began to hear some people mention these kinds of topics I would continue looking into them further and take notes so that I could write about it and help to expose the corruption which is killing this earth.

As strange as it may sound, after 3 or 4 years of searching, I now believe it is beings from outside our solar system that are really the ones calling the shots behind the illuminati and other secret societies. These beings are the same ones David Icke has spent a lifetime to try and let people know about yet many still think it’s all just a joke. I can’t stand fully behind everything David Icke promotes but I do agree with some stuff for sure.

If other life forms do exist then why they would necessarily look like the classic greys seen in movies? It is just as likely or not even more so that these strange beings are evolved dinosaurs into reptilian humanoids.

Now I am not trying to scare anyone but I am just setting the facts straight on what I believe is going on in this planet and it is important for people to have some grasp of why there are so many problems like war, ego and greed.

It is because these dark entities feed off this kind of energy and they provoke it on purpose so that they can prosper off our sufferings and ignorance to the real spiritual truth of all-encompassing love.

During the talk I touch on a few other things as well such as how alot of us are blind to what life is really about; our spiritual evolution as soul. Even in my own college classes I learned that the teachers aren’t event aware of this concept and would rather argue on intellectual nonsense for hours.

This delusion is also in a spiritual sense how so many souls are blinded by maya. They keep making the wrong mistakes and collecting karma which brings them back into the same cycles of suffering over and over endlessly while these invisible enemies go on profiting behind the scenes.

What we really need to do is focus on becoming more compassionate, more loving and less judgemental. Let us learn from the great teachers like Buddha, Jesus and Nanak which taught us the reality of the afterlife and how we are responsible for our own environments due to our actions before.

How many times will these saints need to keep coming back repeating the same messages while the majority of people go on performing acts of greed, hatred, racism, jealousy, envy and every other sin. What we think and how we act eventually creates the final outcome waiting for us when we pass.

I am no saint myself but since I have been through such intense hardship to the point of wanting to die, I learned what it is like and can help teach others from my own experience. During this period of depression and sufferings I experienced a deep revelation, during a wild dream where I sat in front of two judges who were going to punish me for all my negative actions. I prayed and asked God for help but all I got was a stern voice that told me, “THERE IS NO HELP FOR YOU UNTIL YOU SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE REPENTING AND TRYING TO DO BETTER.” This was surely a wakeup call and after this I really changed my ways.

Neo__the_One_Wallpaper_by_RaizutoI share these kinds of stories with you guys in hopes to help you not go through life blindly and just be a participant in the grand scheme, put together by the powers that be, behind the curtain like The Wizard of Oz.

You need to awaken to the truth like Neo does as the end of The Matrix and see the spirit in all things connected as one, eternal and present.


Also check out the youtube channel called: Sympan U.O. found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MegaJEWEL33

Thanks for following along on with my awakening lessons so far and stay tune for the next one:

Awakening pt. 5 (The true nature of self)






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