Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 5 (The True Nature of Self)

Hey friends,

We are back once again for another episode of awakening!

It gives me great joy to be able to share all this knowledge with you and I know that even if I was to leave this earth tomorrow, these posts will still be here online, for long after. That is one cool thing about the internet which we didn’t have 100 years ago.

For this lesson in the awakening series, I am sharing with you about the true nature of self (soul). Now you might be thinking to yourself “well what does he mean exactly?” lol

It is a funny topic because it goes so deep and yet it is so present and plain in sight at the same time 😉

The self is just that really.. YOU


Who are you?

Do you really know the answer to this question?

I don’t think anyone really knows until they become fully emerged with the creator like Jesus, Buddha and Guru Nanak to name a few. There are thousands of other souls who have reached this final destination to the evolution of soul but those three are some are well known.

So what this means is that you still have a lot of self exploration to do before you really know the true magnificence and beauty within. I have read that when you enter inside through meditation you can eventually see all kinds of luminous imagery and colours that words can’t describe, palaces of radiance, waterfalls and oceans of light.

These are the true nature of YOU!

Let us look a bit more into the nature of consciousness and how can we better grasp this key essence to our being on this earth. I once wrote a paper in college on this topic and I learned a lot while doing the research.

I learned how consciousness has developed since the beginning when we would just eat anything we could pick up. Later on we learned how to make tools and this shifted our consciousness to a new level of perception. Soon after came language and this was another huge leap in our evolution as consciousness.

Now we have the comforts and ability to meditate for long periods of time and truly take our inner self (soul) to the highest levels of creation.

There is a difference though between mind and pure consciousness which can exist without any thought at all. You have to think that before language, we wouldn’t of put labels on everything and have this constant annoying voice in our heads like we do now. Maybe we lived in the moment like animals do? it’s hard to say and some things like this we will probably never know the answer to.

There are several ways to realize that we are more than just the physical body, some of these include: psychadelics, astral projection, NDE’s and meditation. Usually once people percieve themselves as more than just the physical body then everything changes and they no longer view reality the same.

Do a search on youtube for NDE and you will find many amazing stories of people who have experienced all kinds of things to prove that the true nature of self is more than just the physical body.

Have you ever had a dream where you looked down at your body? This is not your physical body but your dream body (Astral body) and there are teachers who say this is what we look like on the otherside once we pass.

There are several layers/bodies that incase our pure soul energy. My teachers refers to these like layers of mud on a lamp and we cannot see the radiance of the lamp until it has been cleaned.

In order to clean these sheaths away from our pure soul self, we must connect to the WORD or Shabd frequency. This frequency cleans away all the karmas from various past lifes and makes us pure again so we may murge back with our divine creator spirit.

On our inner journey through the higher realms in meditation we will pass through these realms and thus clean off all the various sheaths that pertain to each level. Eventually we reach the 5th plane (Kingdom of God) and then we are beyond reincarnation entirely and have completed the long journey of the soul.

I will share a really special video about the sacred frequency at the bottom of this post so that you can further grasp what I am trying to share with you here.

I know that it is not so easy to comprehend the eternal nature of the self for some materially orientated people. Western reality has become of such a material nature that lots of us will only believe that which we can see directly in front of us and be proven with some kind of scientifical data.

But if we think about the complexity of the smallest bug or even a blade of grass then we will understand the grandness of our creator and realize that life has a purpose. We are here as souls to learn through experience and evolve closer to a state of unconditional love like Jesus Christ.

The closer we get to that state of love consciousness then the higher our vibrational field becomes and we are elevated towards our great creator above at the highest dimensions of pure energy.

We can read and hear these kind of lessons but it does not mean we will act on them and change ourselves just by the will to do so. We need meditation to cleanse our mind and make us pure of heart so that our whole being becomes of a more spiritually refined nature. Spirituality can be looked at with a scientifical point of view by understanding that everything is frequency and energy; from the most gross lowest forms to the highest pure, refined levels.

Since we have freedom to choose our own destiny then we can stay at the lower fields of the spectrum if we like by continuing to be lost in only worldly desires and spend no time to try and connect to spirit. The more we act in ego, judge others, think of yourself as better than others and do everything opposite to the light then the longer you will remain lost in the darkness.. perhaps for millions of years.

The moment we start to grasp this reality of life and want to end the suffering through changing our consciousness then we will continue on that path life after life until we finally reach our destination. Once we honestly pursue the spiritual path and yearn to know yourself as soul then everything will work out to help with this.

I will tell you though, it surely isn’t easy because spirit will push you through hardships in your life, to teach you lessons about your own ego. Once god knows you are on the path to enlightenment then he will take the necessary actions to lead you there as quick as possible. This may mean you have to go through karmas and situations that may seem like life is against you..

I am speaking from personal experience here but I am learning that everything has some reason and even great suffering has its hidden gifts.

Just keep faith and never give up on your path to be free from all sufferings forever. Just like Siddhartha, you too can merge with divine glory and bliss. Become love itself and never have to feel pain, worry or anything like that again as you reach the true life that you were created for.. to enjoy forever with god.


Here is the video about the divine frequency I mentioned. Bless


lesson #6 is now up (How to achieve your dreams): Here







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