Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 6 (How to Achieve Your Dreams)


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One thought on “Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 6 (How to Achieve Your Dreams)

  1. Your opening remarks are always nice and set a context for what your lesson holds. perhaps try to separate your opening remarks from the actual content with some sort of visual divider.

    You touched on it briefly, the fact of regret. There are some undeniable facts in life, one of them is that we all die, our current bodies will fail us eventually. Regret for me is the biggest driver in what I do. I want to use every minute, hour, second of my time wisely doing things that I know I won’t regret in the larger scheme of things.

    “The next step then is to know that everything starts in the mind so learn how to visualize yourself completing the tasks you need to and think details about how you will FEEL in that moment, what is the lighting like? the sounds around you at the time? is it warm or cold out? all of these sense perceptions will help to manifest your dream into the physical that much faster than being vague.”

    HUGE! MASSIVE. The biggest step people overlook. I’d put this all in bold. Okay maybe not. But I think this is the biggest piece of wisdom here.

    Everything else is essential. Maybe stress the importance that you have to attack your dreams 360 degrees. Doing 1 or 2 or 3 of these things won’t cut it. and it may take time, years for it to actualize. Thus where the faith comes in.

    Great post. Favorite yet by far, as an athlete all of this couldn’t be truer.

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