Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 7 (Staying on Track)

Hey friends,

It has been a long time now since my last lesson in the awakening series (how to achieve your dreams). I took some serious time to work on my label (OFP) and my own music until I was content with my progress and where I wanted to be as an artist.


Now I can say that I’m satisfied with my own progress and have completed everything I wanted to. If you really want to learn about my true passion and where I express myself best then please check out my music: http://www.smokymirror.me

I am happy to present an important piece to the series this time around: Staying on Track. It is something I haven’t seen too many other teachers talk about but I think is really important for anyone trying to pursue some important goals in life.

The world has many different distractions that can set you back so it is essential that we stick to what we set out for ourselves. If we do not have some sort of plan to keep on track then we may look back years later in regret because we never achieved our dreams.

Key points during talk:

The main one being your actions towards others. If you are a good person and in tune with the divine plan of harmony on the planet then you can rest assured that things will eventually come together, no matter how far you may fall off of your original path.

13725761_305761009757233_1251799872_nThe creator being all love; will gladly help those who are choosing to live their life in accord to the same vision for all. This may seem off topic but in the bigger picture it is not actually. Without this lesson understood first then nothing else will be possible in the end. Life will seem to be against you and you will be wondering why everything always seem to go wrong .

I know this from personal experience and so I can relate to it well. There was a time in my life when I had no moral guidelines and I treated others with no respect. This created a reality where everything felt against me and I could turn to no one for help.

So, once we understand how to work with the frequencies of good then we can focus on the next steps which is our own personal goals. The assumed division between us is illusory and really we are all connected at a spiritual level blinded by material layers.

Once we are back in tune with this universal life force then we can pray and ask for help to get back on track with when things fall apart. The truth is there is no one that can help you more than the omniscient spirit and holder of all knowledge supreme. Too often we have this idea that we are equal to god and so we don’t need his/her help for anything because we can handle it all ourselves. This is not a healthy state of mind and will only lead to more suffering until we realize that our purpose is to realize the supreme soul within.

If you feel that this information is too deep and of a spiritual nature that is ok; you can take only the things that are helpful to you and leave out the rest how ever you wish. My main objective is only to help you achieve your dreams in any and all ways possible. It gives me no good to judge anyone for what they choose to believe or not.

14031653_1116600971753601_1250584566_nThe next lesson then would be things to keep us healthy build our will power to do what we know must be done in order to move closer towards our dreams. It is one thing write it down but another to actually DO what needs to be done every day in order to get closer towards your destination. With all the flashy gadgets and media out now days it is too easy to get cought up in facebook or youtube for hours and then accomplish nothing of importance.

One of the best things which I have mentioned before is keeping healthy through daily exercise and eating good. You will realize how helpful it is when you go for a jog or swimming at the pool then sit down to work at your goals after. Your will power and ambition will be recharged and give you new energy to keep going all through the night at what you want. If we fall off our regular routine of going to the gym or jogging daily then let us try again but not forcing things too much at first, just taking it in small steps until we find a good balance of what suits us at the time.

The mind is  a very delicate device and cannot be forced into routines or habits without acting out and leading to mental break downs or high stress levels (like in Japan where people work too hard and don’t take enough time to relax).

Keeping a journal can be a good start by knowing where we once were, where we are now and where we want to get to in the future. What actions can we take today that will help with all the others in leading us towards that vision of the life we dream about.
Let us not just be sooo hard on ourselves either always and take time to love all parts of our life including both the flaws and perfections. Love is like a healing energy which will sort out all the wrinkles in the blanket of who we are. By spending time  to focus on this we are spending time to boost all of our other goals as well in a new vibration of life force.

14241027_942859089176556_167808247_nHaving someone who is also motivated as a close friend can work to help a lot by checking in with them on a daily or weekly basis to share with each other the things you set out for yourself and what you managed to achieve. By seeing others success it can help motivate you to work harder and keep on track to what your other colleagues are accomplishing.

Mentors are also and excellent way to keep on track when you start to fall off. You can watch people like Tony Robbins on youtube or DL the audio to your smartphone and listen to it to give you new ambition and a healthy kick in the butt when you start to procrastinate.

No matter what the profession, hobbie or dream might be; there is most likely someone who has already achieved it and can help give you advice about the same struggles they had to go through to get to where they are today. Remember you are not alone on this journey and there are plenty of people with similar ambition and visions to connect with to reach your final destination.

This wraps up our next lesson being: Keeping on track. I hope you will keep following me for Lesson #8: Helping others to awaken!



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