The Children of Uganda 

The Herbal Healing Mama

I recently became aware of an amazing organization called Vision / Paradise Uganda Foundation in Uganda, Africa, for the orphans.

I’m part of a beautiful sisterhood community on Facebook called Tribe-The Return to Sisterhood & the group creator, Shelli shared a photo on her wall of our tribe reaching the beautiful souls of Uganda.

Uganda Tribe Sending so much love to you, children. ❤

I then searched our group and realized Nabukenya Maria, CEO for Vision Uganda Foundation & National Projects/Volunteer Coordinator for Paradise Uganda Foundation, had been sharing information for quite some time there. Because the thread moves so fast with over 8,000 sisters, I had previously missed these posts.

I felt compelled to share their information here in hopes to expand the reach even further.


Vision Uganda Foundation is a volunteer-based community building organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty in Uganda by supporting the welfare of its poorest families and…

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DIY Gratitude Jar to Kick off the New Year!

The Herbal Healing Mama

I think an extremely important part of spiritual growth is to practice gratitude & positive affirmations daily. This is a simple little project that you can get the whole family involved in. The idea is to write anything and everything you are thankful / grateful for all year-long & keep it in a jar. At the end of the year you dump it out & read all the amazing & inspiring things that you were thankful for the year before.

Not only is the practice of writing the things you are grateful for empowering, re-reading them again is as well. I do believe the more we pay attention to what we are grateful for, and the more we express these gratitudes. the more abundance we attract into our lives.

DIY Gratitude Jar to Kick off the New Year!

If you’re especially crafty & keep a scrapbook of sorts, you could even paste all of the gratitude slips into a book yearly…

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