Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 2 (Mind & Ego)

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I apologize for a bit of delay since my last post: I was caught up with some hip-hop shows that were taking all my time energy. Now that they are over I am back to work on this series again.

Our next lesson is another important one and it has to do with the mind and ego. This may not be your favourite topic ever but it is one that needs to be covered if you want to live a peaceful life free from the sufferings of negative karma.
I say negative karma because this is the result you get when your mind automatically judges another without any real reason because of the way it has developed from things such as the media and materialism.
I know this personally because my mind did exactly this; every person that didn’t fit the so called “Cool” image I had formulated in my mind from television and other media, got my automatic judgement on how they looked. Then several years later I learned how everything in this reality is tied to our karmas which affect this life and our future incarnations in an endless wheel of rebirth. Thoughts are action and my Guru teaches that all negative action has a negative price attached to it, so to go around judging everyone mentally is collecting a debt of negative karmas that will eventually have to be paid.

Sorry to say that good karmas do not cancel out negative ones either.. So what you should do more than anything is STOP your mind from thinking any more from this day forward. With a little practice you can train your mind to be ONLY positive and it will be a very healthy choice indeed. I know this because after many years of meditation and inner awareness on my own thoughts I was able to completely restructure my mind to become only positive (once in a while it may slip) but then I bring it back to my soul centre which is based on unconditional love for all beings.

11267600_1449173562044042_91768194_nThe mind can be related to a landscape in certain ways. Let’s say you constantly bombard it with violence, sexual imagery, chaotic music, material desires, anger, jealousy and hate; then it will be like a filthy junk yard with flies and bad odours coming out of piles of garbage scattered all over the place. On the other hand let’s say you only let in harmonious music, imagery of flowers and sunsets, the beauty of life and nature around you, thoughts of loving others, children and family, spirit and compassion; this then will make your mind like a beautiful garden with small birds singing and golden beams of sun shining upon the landscape, green grass as far as you can see and the smell of sweet fragrances in the air.

Now if we are fixed with only one mind for the rest of our lives, then we should take a little time out to cultivate a space that is inviting and we are happy to be with even in complete silence for long periods of time (often people with chaotic minds cannot sit still in silence at all). There are many people out there which may seem completely normal when you speak to them but if you could hear their thoughts then you would think they belong in a nut house lol! This is why many in the business field and marketing might have a lot of trouble sleeping at night because the mind never shuts off.. It just keeps chit chatting with itself constantly in an endless wheel of confusion.

A nice analogy I once heard is that the mind is like a giant machine in a factory running full board 24/7. In order for it to keep running at full capacity and not wearing out it must stop sometimes and become silent while someone does maintenance on it; this is the same with the mind.

I will share another nice analogy with you guys that this wise friend once told me after he got back from a long intensive meditation retreat in solitude. I remember we were at this big dinner in Oregon and he called me over to talk to him about something important. I wasn’t sure what it might be about at first then he said to me in a friendly tone “I want to share with you an important lesson about the mind. It is like a small child; you must discipline it but at the same time love it with all your heart. Understand that it will make mistakes sometimes and that is ok just make sure to tell it so it knows and keep directing it back on course. With enough guidance and equal support it can learn to be a very helpful friend in life but on the other hand if you don’t discipline it at all and let it go wild then it becomes like a spoiled child that is very chaotic and hard to deal with.”

This was a very awesome lesson he had taught me and I remembered it always for the rest of my life because I used to be in a constant battle with my own mind and at times I even hated it which I now know was not helpful to do. Since we are stuck with our mind for the rest of our life, our only choice is to become one with it and teach it how to work in unison with our true self as soul. One of the teachers on my path (Sant Mat) once explained that, “It is not the mind that is essentially bad but more the ego which has made it polluted.” This is where we also need to learn and understand about the ego and how it plays a role in everything as well.

11419127_894750117238105_1399102170_nOne of our main causes for suffering comes from forgetting spirit and caring only about one’s self aka the ego. The truth being that the ego is an illusionary concept created in the mind and really it doesn’t even exist. All that exists is ONE and nothing is separated; this is the same conclusion that Jesus came to when he went for his retreat into the desert. This path is the way to enlightenment and spiritual evolution; once you come to the understanding that all is one and that includes YOU!

To learn more on the ego please check out Eckhart Tolle: A New Earth.  I found a link so you can DL the pdf file Here

I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson and stay tuned for #3: Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind



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Home Education For The Conscious Parent

Being conscious can be pretty challenging and scary at times. Once you become aware of the atrocities, fear can set in which will of course expand into wanting to protect our children from all the horrible things that are going on. I’ve been pretty conscious for quite some time now but I wasn’t always as conscious as I am now and my parenting certainly wasn’t conscious in the beginning. Fear wasn’t my basis for my decision but rather wanting to be in control of my son’s education and teach him in a way that would illuminate his soul and expand his mind. I hope that if you are conscious like me and have considered following the same path when it comes to educating your children; my articles will help you to find the resources you and your family need to take the steps necessary to home educate.

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The Shocking Origins Of Public Education

 american-school-children-bellamy-saluteIn 2012, I seen a video on YouTube titled, “School Sucks: The American Way.” This video is narrated by a self-teacher who questions Hitler’s rise to power and the how the rise of the third Reich happened and why the German people were not only tolerant of a leader like Hitler but why they cheered his rise to power. Most importantly, why were they so short sighted to the long term consequences of the Nazi agenda? What had been done to them? The video explains how in the early 1800s, in the kingdom of Prussia, Germany’s geographic and cultural predecessor, the rulers, intellectuals and elites were determined to solve a problem: the individualistic nature of their soldiers who would run away from gun fire in an attempt to preserve their own life instead of gladly sacrificing themselves for the needs of the state. In an attempt to strip out this independent thinking and replace it with obedience and conformity, they devised a system that they called schule, pronounced “schc-ool” or as we know it today, school. The video goes on to state that we were told school was for education but upon a closer look, you can see that it’s been for indoctrination and for the needs and desires of the rulers and elites.

How The Elite Gained Control Of Public Education

Did you know that John D. Rockefeller created the public education board in 1902 that cost him $129 million? You have to question the motives of someone who would invest such a large amount of money into anything. That’s not a cynical question but rather a knowing that investments usually have motives with a desired profit. I will add that it’s been stated in historical documents that he did this in the name of philanthropy. Nonetheless, in 1914, the national education system became alarmed by the activity of the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations stating:

 “We view with alarm the activity of the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations—agencies not in any way responsible to the people—in their efforts to control the policies of our State educational institutions, to fashion after their conception and to standardize our courses of study, and to surround the institutions with conditions which menace true academic freedom and defeat the primary purpose of democracy as heretofore preserved inviolate in our common schools, normal schools, and universities.”

In 1946, the Rockefeller foundation granted the General Education Board $7.5 billion. So it would seem that they bought the education system and that’s how they gained control of it. I read an article titled, “The Origin of Education and Mandatory Schooling,” in it there’s an interesting timeline that shows each stage of John D. Rockefeller’s involvement and co-creation (along with Frederick T. Gates) of the General Education Board in 1902. One part of the timeline that stuck out was in 1852, Massachusetts passed the first mandatory attendance law. Upon reading this, I remembered the last part of the School SucksHorace Mann video where Horace Mann is mentioned.  He argued that universal public education was the best way to turn the nation’s unruly children into disciplined, judicious, republican citizens. Mann won widespread approval from modernizers, especially in his Whig Party, for building public schools. Most states adopted one version or another of the system he established in Massachusetts, especially the program for “normal schools” to train professional teachers. Mann has been credited by educational historians as the “Father of the Common School Movement.” He also happened to be in Massachusetts at the time when the first attendance law was created. In the 1840s, Mann lobbied to have Massachusetts adopt the Prussian school system with full understanding of its capabilities and why it was created in Prussia. In his seventh annual report of the Massachusetts board of education in 1843, Mann praised the Prussian education system even though he knew the destructive power it had.

“Among the nations of Europe, Prussia has long enjoyed the most distinguished reputation for excellence of its schools. In review, in speeches, in tracts, and even in graver works devoted to the cause of education, its schools have been exhibited as models for the imitation of the rest of Christendom. For many years, scarce a suspicion was breathed that the general of education in that kingdom was not sound in theory and most beneficial in practice. Recently, however, grave charges have been preferred against it by high authority. The popular traveller, Laing, has devoted several chapters of his large work on Prussia, to the disparagement of its school system. An octavo volume, entitled, “The Age of Great Cities,” has recently appeared in England, in which that system is strongly condemned; and during the pendency of the famous “Factories’ Bill,” before the British House of Commons, in 1843, numerous Tracts were issued from the English press, not merely calling question, but strongly denouncing the whole plan of education in Prussia, as being not only designed to produce, but as actually producing a spirit of blind acquiescence to arbitrary power, in things spiritual as well as temporal,-as being, in fine, a system of education, adapted to enslave and not enfranchise the human mind. And even in some parts of the United States,-the very nature and essence of whose institutions consist in the idea that the people are wise enough to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong,-even here, some have been illiberal enough to condemn, in advance, everything that savors of the Prussian system, because that system is sustained by arbitrary power.”

I think if people actually knew that our public education is the exact system that was used to indoctrinate the German people to join the military to fight and die for the needs of the state and later allow Hitler’s rise to power; no one would ever enrol their children in it. Not to mention that a century ago rich and powerful men became even more powerful by buying the education system and using it to bellamy-salutefurther their fortunes and lust for greed by creating an employable society that works for them while they hold 99 % of the world’s wealth. Knowing how public education started is important because it is one of the very reasons our society has become what it has. I don’t believe school is for the benefit of the society. I believe that it is employment training; to find a job and do your job but not question what you are doing. Not only that, but not question how things are being run by the governments, not question who is really in control, not question the fact that we are being controlled, not question anything really, and to believe that the systems in place are for the people’s benefit. This programming is so good that it actually teaches people to defend and fight for the very system that enslaves them. I know this isn’t happy news and as a mother it shook me when I learned of it but I will say that it validated my complete and total disobedience towards oppressive, authoritative figures at a young age.

Self-Education Can Change The Worldreading-a-book-001

Upon further research into Horace Mann and his work, I found some interesting things about his character and his goals with public education. He felt it was important to instill values such as obedience to authority, promptness in attendance, and organizing the time according to bell ringing to prepare students for future employment. Mann faced some resistance from parents who did not want to give up the moral education to teachers and bureaucrats and with good reason. Some would see those values as just but if you take a look around, most people have been raised with these values because their parents were raised with those values. And at this time in history there are masses of people who have no clue who they are or their beautiful place in this world. From these eyes, I feel it’s plain to see that the authoritarian rule has created a society of enslavement that values commercial profit over human, animal and ecological rights. How can anyone who values life justify all of this?

I believe we are at a pivotal time in our existence. The Earth is being destroyed, children are being drugged, the animals are experiencing genocide, and the majority of the population is so unhappy that they can’t fully be alive or appreciate their lives because they are waiting for something better to happen. Most people start their week off anticipating Friday because they despise their job which causes them to be miserable. And when Friday comes, they drink themselves stupid to help them let loose and free themselves from the shackles of the work week and by the time the weekend is done, they only end up with a hangover and having to start their dreaded week all over again; repeating again and again and again until they retire or die. This my friends, is not living and it doesn’t have to be like this! I know because at one point in my distant past, that was my existence. From that experience I found that the first step is to make the necessary changes to educate yourself about how this all started and then taking back your power through education so that you can live the life you truly want to live and deserve. Not “when this happens” or “when that happens,” but starting today, right now! As soon as you realize that you have the power to create any life you wish to live, you can!

The Indoctrination Is Fading Away

Another video that I seen that is just as important as the first was titled, “Public Education has Become Indoctrination and Distraction.” The video came in a very synchronistic way (as most things do these days). I was going over possible solutions for various world issues that I’m aware of and this video kind of just fell in my lap. It highlights what public education has caused and some solutions that may help remedy what’s been done.


One solution is self-education! The internet is honestly one of the best if not the best thing that happened to our society.No-Nazi-Salute-03-634x545 Because of it, we can look up just about anything we can think of and learn whatever our hearts and minds desire. The library is also an awesome place. If you are interested in learning more about self-education and un-schooling yourself, I have information about it on my website under expansion classes. Although the idea of a group of individual’s desire and achievement of indoctrinating an entire society is disheartening, please don’t take it to a place of fear. Many of us didn’t fall for it. We question things, stand up for what’s right and not blindly obey oppressive, authoritarian rulers. You reading this is a rebellion all on its own. So bravo to you! Let’s change the world, starting with sharing knowledge of what’s been left hidden all these years. And know that every bad thing was created for the evolution and growth of our souls.