Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 3 (Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind)


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One thought on “Jake Guy – The Awakening Series Pt. 3 (Law of Attraction & Subconscious Mind)

  1. Comments on the video – I like the shortened format. I think you should try to consolidate further, in 2018 I think peoples most valuable asset is time. Just something to be aware of. That being said -it’s a great story and I love that way its told.

    I think that you should go more into how important our habits as humans influence our destiny.

    “When we are driving, we go where we look.
    When we are driving down our journeys in life, we go where we think. ” – I just made that up, but it helps me visualize WHY the Law of Attraction is important.

    Undying confidence in yourself I think is a huge part of the recipe. The concept of LOA is easier to grasp for religious people, which I am not. Still, though I’ve seen undying faith in hard work, relationships, a job, work many times before. So I believe. But how can we make others?

    Last note: I think you are really writing to s aspecific group of people. I might try to write to a more general audience. Mass appeal rooted in truth is very powerful.



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