Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 9 (Summary of Everything)

Hey friends,

Welcome to the final lesson in our 9 part awakening series. It has been a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the process. I have learned a great deal through researching the material and putting it all together in an organized format. This series is the beginning of a dream I’ve had for many years to teach others and take part in the global AWAKENING OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

This final lesson is a summary of everything in the course so you can put it all together in an organized format and perhaps you may want to go back and refresh yourself with some of the material.

I really appreciate the time you are taking out of your busy schedule to read this and your participation is helping me to move closer towards my dreams as a life & bus coach.

The awakening series begins with a quick introduction explaining Jake’s story. It goes into detail about my childhood on Denman Island and how amazing of a community it was. My parents were very loving and they taught me a lot about compassion and respect for all life. Later on I got into some difficulties as a teenager and ended up pretty lost. One night I ended up praying with all my heart for the spirit to show me the truth. As time progressed things started to happen and I was led to some really amazing books like: The Power of Now, Beyond Fear, The 4 Agreements and a few others.

These books helped to give me a new look on life and a glimpse into the deeper levels of consciousness and reality. Eventually after years of searching I found my teacher (A True Living Master of Sant Mat). I began practicing his method of Surat Shabd Yoga and never looked back since. After 10 years of practice I am happy to say that it has become the foundation to my life and  everything I do.

1. The first lesson was about finding and creating the foundation to your reality. We can do this by building a strong FAITH in which ever path we choose. This then acts as a SHIELD and will protect you from a lot of the deception and other traps which may come up. Since the spirit is one and connected through everyone then any path can work to bring you closer. It is all about building values and ethics into your life so you can be fit to harmonize with the higher vibrations of divine love. These finer vibrations of UNIVERSAL FATHER/MOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS become more and more part of your life with time and constant remembrance. Eventually you will begin to lose the ego and live life through your heart, showing compassion and tolerance to your fellow family of souls.

2. The mind and ego are two of the biggest riddles to this reality. They are both very tricky and have many ways to fool you as a soul into  negativity and other problems. It is very rare for someone to have total control over their mind and those who do usually become great saints or yogi’s. By learning some basic guidelines it can really help us to begin on the right track of understanding. The main lesson is: “the mind is not you!” You don’t have to listen or believe any thoughts which are not beneficial to your journey. As for the ego, let us begin by understanding it exits within the mind and it can become like poison if we are unaware of its tricks. We must be cautious of putting ourselves above others, showing off and other signs of pride. These are all major obstacles on the path to the AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

3. Over the years humanity has had many years to experiment and learn about the secrets to reality. One of the biggest leaps forward was when we learned about the connection between our mind and the external world. We now know that the mind is the fundamental building block to everything around us. This can now be proven through various studies in quantum physics. We have also learned that everything is ENERGY and can be measured in different kinds of WAVELENGTHS. These wavelengths are like signals which can be focused by intent in order bring what we want into our lives through the law of attraction & subconscious mind. Affirmations is the practice of repeating a clear intention over and over until the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND affirms it as truth. This can be related to things we just know without having to consciously think about it like riding a bike or driving a car. Once the subconscious accepts something as part of your reality then it just acts on that without the need to question. There are many books and documentaries about this concept and the key ingredient is our FEELINGS. There needs to be an EMOTIONAL VIBE connected to the vision or AFFIRMATION in order for it to work. You need to FEEL the joy or happiness your vision would bring you ALREADY so that it can be pulled into your reality through the LAW OF MAGNETISM. If everything is energy then what ever you are vibrating NOW will bring more of that into your future. The last thing I will say on this is just to be cautious about focusing on wealth or material gain. It is good to have dreams and goals to work towards but don’t let money be your main objective in life. We are here to grow spiritually and money should be used to help us on this path.

4. In order to teach a complete understanding on reality I have to also cover the darker side to things which we simply have to take into consideration to grow. We must be aware of the dangers around us in order not to fall prey and become another victim to this veil of deception. Just like when Morpheus teaches Neo in The Matrix how, “There is a system devised to keep people spiritually blind, those who put their full faith into this system will even fight to protect it from anyone else who is a threat.” What he means is a mental BELIEF SYSTEM which has been passed on from generation to generation. This belief system is one which has more faith in science than God and will believe what ever the media or corporate agenda tells them. This is a greedy system which doesn’t care about human welfare or the environment. It is controlled by the rich elite and has only power and control in mind. They are the same service to self individuals who own all the privatized banks, oil companies, pharmaceuticals and media channels. They put out lies about violence and chaos just to create fear and give them more control as a result. They have become very smart over hundreds of years and created many ways to deceive people. This may be the case but times are changing and the AWAKENING MOVEMENT has already begun. Just like when Neo becomes awakened to his fullest potential as the ONE; we too are on our way to awaken together as a global collective and take back control of our planet.

5. The true nature of self is a beautiful concept and definitely one I personally love. There is so much more to WHO and WHAT WE ARE than what we are taught about in school or media. The great Mahatma’s and prophets have written countless beautiful descriptions of this self through poetry and verse. Teachers like Paramahansa Yogananda have taught us about some of the many mysteries to self, like the astral realm & body. He was a great Avatar of his time and in his book “Autobiography of yogi” he shares various stories about his travels to these inner realms to help different beings. In the Vedas and Upanishads they also explain about the Atma (soul self) as well as the chakra system and various energy bodies pertaining to the different realms. Further they explain how each chakra has its own color and different meaning related to that color from the lowest vibrations at the root chakra up to the highest at the crown. The 6th chakra is known as Tisra Til (The doorway into the beyond), the 3rd eye and many other names. The 3rd eye is the most important of them all and where the saints explain lies the SEAT OF THE SOUL.

6. Now that we have a good grasp on our reality and the many layers of self, we can move on to some fundamental steps towards achieving our dreams. These steps include things like our health, will power, time management and self-discipline. Spending time to create web charts, jot down ideas and journaling can also really help to put THOUGHTS INTO REALITY. We cant expect to reach huge goals over night and we need to instead be breaking them down into manageable steps for each day (the journey of a thousands miles starts with the first step). This all means we need to TAKE ACTION! and work at our goals or else they will only remain down on paper and we will never get to see them MANIFEST in real life. Finding the right mentors and learning from others who have already achieved similar dreams can really help you to focus on the right tasks first and not waste time making the same mistakes that they did. We are lucky to live in this day and age where we have thousands of books and lessons from other people to learn from in every field.

7. Now that we got everything moving along nicely we still have to remember that setbacks can still occur. We never know when life can throw us an unexpected curve ball which could totally knock us off course. But we can PREPARE for this and take a few precautionary steps so that we are ready ahead of time. By reading up on self-help blogs like this one, and learning how to stay on track we can be sure to make it back to our healthy, PRODUCTIVE LIFESTYLE again. We can post up reminders with sticky notes to bring awareness to our own lifestyle and the subconscious will eventually pull us back to where we want to be. Mentors or friends with similar interests can help to STIMULATE us when we feel down and need a boost. Sometimes we may even need to move to a new part of town or a find a new job in order to bring us a fresh vibe of energy and get us going again. Personally, I felt this after feeling drained from living in Vancouver too long..  then once I moved back to Victoria I was fully motivated again to pursue my dreams. EXERCISE and MEDITATION are the two fundamental building blocks to everything else and if you can manage to keep these going then everything else should work itself out with time.

8. Helping others to awaken! Means becoming a CONSCIOUS CO-WORKER for the divine plan. This is a definite step forward in your own spiritual evolution. There is no greater gift you can offer someone then to help them grow in FAITH and AWARENESS. These are the real reason why we are here on this journey and should not be overlooked, when it comes to sharing or offering help to others. We should always remain humble and try to see things through their eyes. Since all souls are equal in value to the creator then we should NEVER FORGET this when speaking to anyone. Make them feel valued and listen to their own unique story. Ask them about their views and experiences then after you can share some of yours. Next you can explain about what worked for you and how this may work for them also. Never judge or tell anyone how to live their life. This will not help and instead they will just put up a wall to anything else you may have to say. Be LOVING, be a FRIEND and watch as the MAGIC will happen on its own through you. We are all ONE!

Well that sums it all up friends 🙂 You now have a complete understanding of the whole awakening series course. Please feel free to go back, take notes and try out some of the tips offered in which ever lessons you like best. Even if you only liked 1 lesson out of 9; it was still worth it for me. I wish you many good years ahead as a conscious co-worker for the divine plan. May the spirit bless you all those you meet along the way. Namaste

P.S. Stay tuned for the next course which will be called Dream Building 101 (A practical guide to becoming an entrepreneur). In this course I go deep into details about lots of helpful topics and skills which will create results.



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Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 8 (Helping Others To Awaken!)

Hello friends and welcome back 🙂

It has a been a long time since my last lesson but I haven’t given up on this 9 part Awakening series. I am back once again for an important subject to cover.

This subject is helping others to Awaken! As you can see I am very passionate about this since it is the name of my blog and most the stuff I post is related to this in some way. I believe that this is why I was born and my main purpose on this planet.

You can also become a teacher and co-activist in this great mission to bring the planet towards a new era of consciousness. It all begins by first helping others to become aware of consciousness itself.

What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.” –Eckhart Tolle

The one who sees is consciousness itself otherwise known as soul. If we can get people to come to this realization then we can bring a new level awareness to them and the entire planet as a whole since everyone is connected.

I take no credit for this talk and give thanks to the divine spirit for sharing it through me during a full moon in Surrey, BC. In the talk the great spirit covers various methods of how to help others awaken to their higher potentials and ultimately to the realization of SOUL! being part and parcel of the great creator.

2015-10-17-08-04-35This said, It can be a touchy subject though and that is why it is good to have a variety of different methods you can use to cater to each person and their specific level of spiritual development. I believe that this is the one thing that God/Spirit wants us to do more than anything. He/She (Spirit) wants the souls to awaken out of the illusions of maya and begin their journey back towards source.

“Giving love to all, feeling the love of God, seeing His presence in everyone, and having but one desire — for His constant presence in the temple of your consciousness — that is the way to live in this world.”— Paramahansa Yogananda

If we look at life-like a school then we can see how all souls are at different levels of education (Love). Some souls are still in elementary and others are getting their masters degree (close to enlightenment).

I found in my own experience that remaining humble and showing interest in each persons story is the best way to go about connecting then guiding others. First lead as an example and a friend then later you can go into deeper subjects.

No one is better than anyone else in the eyes of our creator. We are all equals and just developing at different stages. Some may have come into this life after being a bird before while others may have been a cow or a monkey which would make for different characteristics.

Finding something that caters to the person is a good approach then try to relate that to some spiritual knowledge that you know in order to make it easier to grasp for the individual.

Create an open space for them to share than compliment them when they do showing how their unique experience has value and worth. Then you can offer suggestions on how they can continue on the path towards awakening. If you know any books that helped you then you can suggest those. Some of my all time favorite books on awakening are:

  • The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle
  • A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
  • Beyond Fear – Don Miguel Angel Ruiz
  • The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Angel Ruiz
  • Tao Te Ching

There are plenty more out there and I am sure there are a lot of really good ones I never had the chance to read myself. Anything that can get them to look further into the reality beyond mind and matter is good.

Helping someone to awaken can also mean to help them to BELIEVE in their dreams! Tony Robbins is a good example of someone who can give people new motivation to take action on their goals. It is like everyone has this hidden potential waiting inside and sometime they just need a little bit of encouragement.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” –Tony Robbins

Start by LOVING everyone and praying for help from the great spirit and then this same spirit can work through you as a teacher and guide to others looking for direction. Deep down I believe everyone is searching but most people just don’t know that the true goal is beyond this physical reality.

The entire energy of the solar system is changing right now and this is provoking a lot of souls to look for more meaning. New movements like Gaia TV are helping bring yoga and metaphysics to the western public in an organized and professional matter.

There has also been an amazing new documentary that came out a few months back called Samadhi. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw9zSMsKcwk

I find that music is also a great way to get a message across to a lot of people at once. When you speak the words of the song with all your heart then those present will pick up on the vibrations whether they are conscious of it or not. The seed of spirituality can be planted in anyone at any time which may sprout later in life when the conditions are right.

Regardless to whether or not your efforts in helping others is seen; the fact that you tried is what matters and together as a movement we can bring on the new era for the future generations after us.

The great spirit above sees everything and is our constant companion. He/She is there with us through all our struggles and hardships so any efforts made in trying to help will surely be seen and appreciated more than you will ever know.

God wants us all to come back towards his kingdom once we are ready and each spiritual step towards enlightenment moves us closer towards that final goal. Sometimes we must go through great sufferings before we have had enough and want only to go back.

Guru Nanak says:

“Pilgrimages, austerities, mercy, charity and alms-giving,

cease to be of any consequence,

when one gets an ingress into the Til – the Inner Eye;

Communion with and practice of the Holy Word,

with heart full of devotion, procures admittance into the Inner Spiritual Realms,

washing away the dirt of sins at the Sacred Fount within.

All virtues are Thine, oh Lord; I possess not one,

There can be no worship without practicing the Holy Word.

From Thee has emanated the Bani or the Holy Word,

which is the path to salvation;

Thou art Truth, enchantingly sweet, and my mind yearns for Thee :”

Jap Ji, Stanza 21


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Awakening pt. 9 (Summary of everything)


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Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 7 (Staying on Track)

Hey friends,

It has been a long time now since my last lesson in the awakening series (how to achieve your dreams). I took some serious time to work on my label (OFP) and my own music until I was content with my progress and where I wanted to be as an artist.


Now I can say that I’m satisfied with my own progress and have completed everything I wanted to. If you really want to learn about my true passion and where I express myself best then please check out my music: http://www.smokymirror.me

I am happy to present an important piece to the series this time around: Staying on Track. It is something I haven’t seen too many other teachers talk about but I think is really important for anyone trying to pursue some important goals in life.

The world has many different distractions that can set you back so it is essential that we stick to what we set out for ourselves. If we do not have some sort of plan to keep on track then we may look back years later in regret because we never achieved our dreams.

Key points during talk:

The main one being your actions towards others. If you are a good person and in tune with the divine plan of harmony on the planet then you can rest assured that things will eventually come together, no matter how far you may fall off of your original path.

13725761_305761009757233_1251799872_nThe creator being all love; will gladly help those who are choosing to live their life in accord to the same vision for all. This may seem off topic but in the bigger picture it is not actually. Without this lesson understood first then nothing else will be possible in the end. Life will seem to be against you and you will be wondering why everything always seem to go wrong .

I know this from personal experience and so I can relate to it well. There was a time in my life when I had no moral guidelines and I treated others with no respect. This created a reality where everything felt against me and I could turn to no one for help.

So, once we understand how to work with the frequencies of good then we can focus on the next steps which is our own personal goals. The assumed division between us is illusory and really we are all connected at a spiritual level blinded by material layers.

Once we are back in tune with this universal life force then we can pray and ask for help to get back on track with when things fall apart. The truth is there is no one that can help you more than the omniscient spirit and holder of all knowledge supreme. Too often we have this idea that we are equal to god and so we don’t need his/her help for anything because we can handle it all ourselves. This is not a healthy state of mind and will only lead to more suffering until we realize that our purpose is to realize the supreme soul within.

If you feel that this information is too deep and of a spiritual nature that is ok; you can take only the things that are helpful to you and leave out the rest however you wish. My main objective is only to help you achieve your dreams in any way possible. It gives me no good to judge anyone for what they choose to believe or not.

14031653_1116600971753601_1250584566_nThe next lesson then would be things to keep us healthy build our will power to do what we know must be done in order to move closer towards our dreams. It is one thing write it down but another to actually DO what needs to be done every day in order to get closer towards your destination. With all the flashy gadgets and media out now days it is too easy to get cought up in Facebook or YouTube for hours and then accomplish nothing of importance.

One of the best things which I have mentioned before is keeping healthy through daily exercise and eating good. You will realize how helpful it is when you go for a jog or swimming at the pool then sit down to work at your goals after. Your will power and ambition will be recharged and give you new energy to keep going all through the night at what you want. If we fall off our regular routine of going to the gym or jogging daily then let us try again but not forcing things too much at first, just taking it in small steps until we find a good balance of what suits us at the time.

The mind is  a very delicate device and cannot be forced into routines or habits without acting out and leading to mental break downs or high stress levels (like in Japan where people work too hard and don’t take enough time to relax).

Keeping a journal can be a good start by knowing where we once were, where we are now and where we want to get to in the future. What actions can we take today that will help with all the others in leading us towards that vision of the life we dream about.
Let us not just be sooo hard on ourselves either always and take time to love all parts of our life including both the flaws and perfections. Love is like a healing energy which will sort out all the wrinkles in the blanket of who we are. By spending time  to focus on this we are spending time to boost all of our other goals as well in a new vibration of life force.

14241027_942859089176556_167808247_nHaving someone who is also motivated as a close friend can work to help a lot by checking in with them on a daily or weekly basis to share with each other the things you set out for yourself and what you managed to achieve. By seeing others success it can help motivate you to work harder and keep on track to what your other colleagues are accomplishing.

Mentors are also and excellent way to keep on track when you start to fall off. You can watch people like Tony Robbins on YouTube or DL the audio to your smart phone and listen to it to give you new ambition and a healthy kick in the but when you start to procrastinate.

No matter what the profession, hobbies or dream might be; there is most likely someone who has already achieved it and can help give you advice about the same struggles they had to go through to get to where they are today. Remember you are not alone on this journey and there are plenty of people with similar ambition and visions to connect with to reach your final destination.

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Awakening pt. 8 (Helping others to awaken!)



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Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 6 (How to Achieve Your Dreams)


Hey friends,

It has been about 6 months now since the last awakening lesson: The true nature of self.

I have been busy with many other projects and in the process of moving to Vancouver to finish my apprenticeship with the Union 170 over there. Also working lots on my own music as well as my label: Ocean Fresh Productions.

If you guys like my content then you may want to check out my hip-hop music as well because it carries a lot of my knowledge and heart. Music is my main passion and biggest high in life and if you want to really get to know me as soul then that is where you will hear who I really am at heart. My music website is here: Smoky Mirror

So the topic for our next lesson is: How to achieve your dreams!

This is one that I think people will really vibe with and it is all practical knowledge that can be used for anything you choose.

I want nothing more that to help you all awaken to your inner most passion and be living your dreams with your eyes open 😉

From once only visualizing where you wanted to be to living it out 100%

Waking up with so much joy and ambition knowing you have achieved your soul purpose and get to work at it every day for the rest of your life!

No matter if it is learning to play an instrument, become an athlete or start your own business; the content here can help anyone by first forming a solid plan within your mind then using techniques like creative visualization and prayer to help crystallize this into physical reality.

imagination creates reality” -Neville Goddard

This is imperative that you take some time out of your day to work towards this and even if it seems like a very difficult thing to achieve you still got to take the first few steps.

You don’t want to look back on your life when you get old and have any regrets about how you should have worked harder at what you really wanted to do but never took the time out of your day to do so.


There is no better time than the moment to ACT on what you need to in order to get closer towards your goals. If you need some inspiration then there are many mentors online for anything you can think of. Do some research and find a few mentors who are very successful in the field of your interest and then watch 5 – 10 mins of their content every day to motivate you and keep you on track.

This has been key for myself in everything from dating, to performing live, building self discipline and learning the field of online business.

Once we know clearly what it is that we want to do then we first need a strong sense of self BELIEF! This is so important and I can’t stress it enough that without believing in your dreams first then nothing will happen.

There is a difference between saying to someone that you belief in yourself and your dreams compared to having a strong 100% FLAWLESS conviction that you will achieve your dream no matter what.

I always refer to the movie the matrix for this concept how Neo couldn’t jump the buildings the first time he tried because though he believed he could he still had some deep subconscious doubt that held him back..

This subconscious doubt can sometimes be difficult to replace and can take time. If say you grew up around people who put down your dreams and told you to be more practical then it may be strongly imprinted upon your mind and can only be changed through a disciplined practice of repetition and affirmations over and over until you form a new belief system about yourself. Napoleon Hill speaks about this a lot in his book “Think and Grow Rich.”

Another excellent book I would recommend on this subject is called: The Secret of the Ages by: Robert Collier. This book has taught me many things about the subconscious the universal consciousness and how to manifest your dreams by connecting to the all knowing energy field that permeates all creation. The universe is within you as the intelligence behind nature and can help you in any ways once you know how to call on it for your need.

Prayer is another excellent tool in this respect and can help connect you to the spiritual side of life which is the intelligence behind nature and the entire cosmos.

Faith and belief go hand in hand and are very similar it is just that faith is usually used in a spiritual manner more than belief but they are both two assets of the same force.

The next step then is to know that everything starts in the mind so learn how to visualize yourself completing the tasks you need to and think details about how you will FEEL in that moment, what is the lighting like? the sounds around you at the time? is it warm or cold out? all of these sense perceptions will help to manifest your dream into the physical that much faster than being vague.

“The more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and act as if what you want is already there, the more you’ll activate those dormant forces that will collaborate to transform your dream into your reality.” –Wayne Dyer

After we have followed all the steps to help co-create our dreams, we can then start thinking about the actual steps of ACTING on the goals because thoughts will never become reality until acted on.

So first things first you need to learn the foundation to success which is SELF DISCIPLINE! This is everything and it doesn’t come so easy at first.. You need to make an effort to train yourself day after day at doing what you know needs to be done first before anything else. Some helping factors for this is things that will boost your WILL POWER.

Robbin Sharma’s 3 Magic ingredients for will power

  1. Exercise
  2. Mediation
  3. Sleep

Without enough of any of these you can run out of the energy needed to keep acting on what needs to be done so make sure you work a healthy balance into your routine and stop sometimes to re-charge if you start to feel drained half way through the day.

Another great thing I found helpful was to watch as many videos as I could on YouTube which gave me a lot of great new tips and inspiration like the one I posted above. There are also audio books and paperback you can order if you really need more help.

After self discipline comes TIME MANAGEMENT.

Knowing how to organize your goals and then write them down in a schedule book for the day/week/month ahead. Then keeping a constant eye on what you need to do next and making sure not to sidetrack too much on what are known as time-wasters like the Facebook news-feed.

Lastly I would like to finish by letting you know it’s ok to slip off track at times.. Life is crazy and unpredictable and you cant expect to perfectly manage every day without unexpected trials and tribulations coming up sometimes..

Just keep reminders and things that can help you to always come back to your path eventually. It can actually be quite healthy to take a break from everything for a few days and just have fun, go out into nature or party with friends.

When you come back you may find you have new ideas and insights that your subconscious has now had time to sort and bring forward.

Eckhart Tolle helped me to understand things from a new perspective when he explained: “”Once you have made peace with the present moment, see what happens, what you can do or choose to do, or rather what life does through you. There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One with Life. Being one with life is being one with Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer and you are the dance.”

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Awakening pt. 7 (Staying on track)



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Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 5 (The True Nature of Self)

Hey friends,

We are back once again for another episode of awakening!

It gives me great joy to be able to share all this knowledge with you and I know that even if I was to leave this earth tomorrow, these posts will still be here online, for long after. That is one cool thing about the internet which we didn’t have 100 years ago.

For this lesson in the awakening series, I am sharing with you about the true nature of self (soul). Now you might be thinking to yourself “well what does he mean exactly?” lol

It is a funny topic because it goes so deep and yet it is so present and plain in sight at the same time 😉

The self is just that really.. YOU


Who are you?

Do you really know the answer to this question?

I don’t think anyone really knows until they become fully emerged with the creator like Jesus, Buddha and Guru Nanak to name a few. There are thousands of other souls who have reached this final destination to the evolution of soul but those three are some are well-known.

So what this means is that you still have a lot of self exploration to do before you really know the true magnificence and beauty within. I have read that when you enter inside through meditation you can eventually see all kinds of luminous imagery and colours that words can’t describe, palaces of radiance, waterfalls and oceans of light.

These are the true nature of YOU!

Let us look a bit more into the nature of consciousness and how can we better grasp this key essence to our being on this earth. I once wrote a paper in college on this topic and I learned a lot while doing the research.

I learned how consciousness has developed since the beginning when we would just eat anything we could pick up. Later on we learned how to make tools and this shifted our consciousness to a new level of perception. Soon after came language and this was another huge leap in our evolution as consciousness.

Now we have the comforts and ability to meditate for long periods of time and truly take our inner self (soul) to the highest levels of creation.

There is a difference though between mind and pure consciousness which can exist without any thought at all. You have to think that before language, we wouldn’t have put labels on everything and have this constant annoying voice in our heads like we do now. Maybe we lived in the moment like animals do? it’s hard to say and some things like this we will probably never know the answer to.

There are several ways to realize that we are more than just the physical body, some of these include: psychedelics, astral projection, NDE’s and meditation. Usually once people perceive themselves as more than just the physical body then everything changes and they no longer view reality the same.

Do a search on YouTube for NDE and you will find many amazing stories of people who have experienced all kinds of things to prove that the true nature of self is more than just the physical body.

Have you ever had a dream where you looked down at your body? This is not your physical body but your dream body (Astral body) and there are teachers who say this is what we look like on the other side once we pass.

There are several layers/bodies that encase our pure soul energy. My teachers refer to these like layers of mud on a lamp and we cannot see the radiance of the lamp until it has been cleaned.

In order to clean these sheaths away from our pure soul self, we must connect to the WORD or Shabd frequency. This frequency cleans away all the karmas from various past lives and makes us pure again so we may merge back with our divine creator spirit.

On our inner journey through the higher realms in meditation we will pass through these realms and thus clean off all the various sheaths that pertain to each level. Eventually we reach the 5th plane (Kingdom of God) and then we are beyond reincarnation entirely and have completed the long journey of the soul.

I will share a really special video about the sacred frequency at the bottom of this post so that you can further grasp what I am trying to share with you here.

I know that it is not so easy to comprehend the eternal nature of the self for some materially orientated people. Western reality has become of such a material nature that lots of us will only believe that which we can see directly in front of us and be proven with some kind of scientifical data.

But if we think about the complexity of the smallest bug or even a blade of grass then we will understand the grandeur of our creator and realize that life has a purpose. We are here as souls to learn through experience and evolve closer to a state of unconditional love like Jesus Christ.

The closer we get to that state of love consciousness then the higher our vibration field becomes and we are elevated towards our great creator above at the highest dimensions of pure energy.

We can read and hear these kind of lessons but it does not mean we will act on them and change ourselves just by the will to do so. We need meditation to cleanse our mind and make us pure of heart so that our whole being becomes of a more spiritually refined nature. Spirituality can be looked at with a scientifical point of view by understanding that everything is frequency and energy; from the most gross lowest forms to the highest pure, refined levels.

Since we have freedom to choose our own destiny then we can stay at the lower fields of the spectrum if we like by continuing to be lost in only worldly desires and spend no time to try to connect to spirit. The more we act in ego, judge others, think of yourself as better than others and do everything opposite to the light then the longer you will remain lost in the darkness.. perhaps for millions of years.

The moment we start to grasp this reality of life and want to end the suffering through changing our consciousness then we will continue on that path life after life until we finally reach our destination. Once we honestly pursue the spiritual path and yearn to know yourself as soul then everything will work out to help with this.

I will tell you though, it surely isn’t easy because spirit will push you through hardships in your life, to teach you lessons about your own ego. Once god knows you are on the path to enlightenment then he will take the necessary actions to lead you there as quick as possible. This may mean you have to go through karmas and situations that may seem like life is against you..

I am speaking from personal experience here but I am learning that everything has some reason and even great suffering has its hidden gifts.

Just keep faith and never give up on your path to be free from all sufferings forever. Just like Siddhartha, you too can merge with divine glory and bliss. Become love itself and never have to feel pain, worry or anything like that again as you reach the true life that you were created for.. to enjoy forever with god.

Here is the video about the divine frequency I mentioned. Bless

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Awakening pt. 6 (How to achieve your dreams)



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Jake Guy – Awakening Series Pt. 4 (Veil of Deception)

Hey friends,

I would like to begin by thank you for following along on my journey so far. I have been blessed to be able to share so much knowledge about many important topics with everyone and this is just the beginning! In the future Nikkie and I might actually teach some lessons together in a collaborative style of sharing.

For now this series will be going on for 9 parts then I will take a short break and come back again later.

yingyang_duality1The topic of this lesson covers something on the opposite side to the spectrum than I usually share. But since we are in a dualistic reality, I must cover both the dark and light parts of life. My thoughts on negativity are that it is important to know about it and be aware of the dangers but also not to lose yourself in it.

Because I have a strong spiritual connection within and meditate daily I can dive into the darkness pretty far and still be ok the next day after I meditate.

But if you don’t have a daily practice then I would be very cautious with delving into the darkness too far because like becomes like. If you feed your mind too much of the negative then it will become saturated in it and the effect will be harmful to you in both body and mind.

Now there are many forms of delusion in this complex reality, and in the video above I go over quite a few. I know that it is longer than the other ones in the past but I feel that the people who really want to learn the truth will stick through it in order to hear the rest of what I have to say.

As a younger man I was very lost and completely absorbed in negativity. My parents were very loving and supportive but I took on this false persona to try to seem tough so that I would not be picked on as much. This negative persona then became my personality. I knew only how to drink, get into fights and cause trouble everywhere I went.

I am sharing this information about my past with you to illustrate how in the beginning I could not see the grand delusion for what it was because I was completely lost in it. There was a similar concept in the movie: The Matrix; the people were so lost in the illusion that they would fight to protect it from those who became a threat.

It wasn’t until I had gone through so much suffering and pain that I began to pray for help to the spirit and I wanted to never suffer in any way again. My prayers were surely heard and within a few months’ time the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS showed me the way out and led me to the path of Shabd Yoga.

Once I was initiated into the practice and began to devote myself daily; I began to see the illusion of reality all around me. I noticed how much deception there is in the media, the subliminal advertising, a lot of the food, and a lot of mainstream music/radio.

But this was just the beginning of my research on the truth. After I saw things for what they really where, I began to dig deeper and do a lot of studying online to see what is going on in the world and what are the true intentions of the ones in control.

The universe led me to many different articles and videos that started to show me certain similarities that began to add up and give me a concrete foundation to some important subjects. Some of the biggest sources were head government officials, whistle blowers and highly educated individuals who came forth to share the truth with the public.

These brave individuals came forth to share the truth about UFO’s, underground bases, brainwashing, illuminati, freemasons and many other secrets from behind the veil. As I began to hear some people mention these kinds of topics I would continue looking into them further and take notes so that I could write about it and help to expose the corruption which is killing this earth.

As strange as it may sound, after 3 or 4 years of searching, I now believe it is beings from outside our solar system that are really the ones calling the shots behind the illuminati and other secret societies. These beings are the same ones David Icke has spent a lifetime to try to let people know about yet many still think it’s all just a joke. I can’t stand fully behind everything David Icke promotes but I do agree with some of his information on these service to self beings.

If other life forms do exist then why they would necessarily look like the classic greys seen in movies? It is just as likely or not even more so that these strange beings are evolved dinosaurs into reptilian humanoids.

Now I am not trying to scare anyone but I am just setting the facts straight on what I believe is going on in this planet and it is important for people to have some grasp of why there are so many problems like war, ego and greed.

It is because these dark entities feed off this kind of energy and they provoke it on purpose so that they can prosper off our sufferings and ignorance to the real spiritual truth of all-encompassing love.

During the talk I touch on a few other things as well such as how a lot of us are blind to what life is really about (spiritual evolution as soul). Even in my own college classes I learned that the teachers aren’t event aware of this concept and would rather argue on intellectual nonsense for hours.

This delusion is also in a spiritual sense how so many souls are blinded by maya. They keep making the wrong mistakes and collecting karma which brings them back into the same cycles of suffering over and over endlessly while these invisible enemies go on profiting behind the scenes.

What we really need to do is focus on becoming more compassionate, more loving and less judgmental. Let us learn from the great teachers like Buddha, Jesus and Nanak who taught us the reality of the afterlife and how we are responsible for our own environments due to our actions before.

How many times will these saints need to keep coming back repeating the same messages while the majority of people go on performing acts of greed, hatred, racism, jealousy, envy and every other sin. What we think and how we act eventually creates the final outcome waiting for us when we pass.

I am no saint myself but since I have been through such intense hardship to the point of wanting to die, I learned what it is like and can help teach others from my own experience. During this period of depression and sufferings I experienced a deep revelation, during a wild dream where I sat in front of two judges who were going to punish me for all my negative actions. I prayed and asked God for help but all I got was a stern voice that told me, “THERE IS NO HELP FOR YOU UNTIL YOU SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE REPENTING AND TRYING TO DO BETTER.” This was surely a wakeup call and after this I really changed my ways.

Neo__the_One_Wallpaper_by_RaizutoI share these kinds of stories with you guys in hopes to help you not go through life blindly and just be a participant in the grand scheme, put together by the powers that be, behind the curtain like The Wizard of Oz.

You need to awaken to the truth like Neo does as the end of The Matrix and see the spirit in all things connected as one, eternal and present.


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The Children of Uganda 

The Herbal Healing Mama

I recently became aware of an amazing organization called Vision / Paradise Uganda Foundation in Uganda, Africa, for the orphans.

I’m part of a beautiful sisterhood community on Facebook called Tribe-The Return to Sisterhood & the group creator, Shelli shared a photo on her wall of our tribe reaching the beautiful souls of Uganda.

Uganda Tribe Sending so much love to you, children. ❤

I then searched our group and realized Nabukenya Maria, CEO for Vision Uganda Foundation & National Projects/Volunteer Coordinator for Paradise Uganda Foundation, had been sharing information for quite some time there. Because the thread moves so fast with over 8,000 sisters, I had previously missed these posts.

I felt compelled to share their information here in hopes to expand the reach even further.


Vision Uganda Foundation is a volunteer-based community building organization dedicated to ending the cycle of poverty in Uganda by supporting the welfare of its poorest families and…

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