Home Education For The Conscious Parent

Being conscious can be pretty challenging and scary at times. Once you become aware of the atrocities, fear can set in which will of course expand into wanting to protect our children from all the horrible things that are going on. I’ve been pretty conscious for quite some time now but I wasn’t always as conscious as I am now and my parenting certainly wasn’t conscious in the beginning. Fear wasn’t my basis for my decision but rather wanting to be in control of my son’s education and teach him in a way that would illuminate his soul and expand his mind. I hope that if you are conscious like me and have considered following the same path when it comes to educating your children; my articles will help you to find the resources you and your family need to take the steps necessary to home educate.

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What Expansion Classes Are And Why I Started Them

600_400306752 Expansion classes are basically self-education. Some could even call it un-schooling. I decided to call them “expansion classes” because what I am doing has no relation to schooling at all so I didn’t want to associate them with that paradigm. Schooling is programming among other things and I believe that real education is expansive and so much more than what “school” is or could ever be in its current state.

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